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articles in English:
- 'Spaces of Commoning in the Ex-YU Region' by Iva Čukić and Jovana Timotijević
- 'Public Space at Night' by Robert Shaw

urbanize! Common Spaces! Hybrid Places, Vienna, Oct 14—18, 2020

30th INURA annual conference - Luxembourg
The INURA conference and the 30th anniversary are postponed to 2022  >>info<<

INURA letter to the city assembly of Zagreb
The public letter to the City Council of Zagreb was written during the 29th INURA Conference 2019 in Zagreb. In the letter INURA criticizes the building project "Zagreb Manhattan" at the edge of the river Sava. The project was stopped indefinitely.


"Das Züri-Fäscht ist etwas beliebig" - Eventisierung in Zürich

Interview with Daniel Späti and Philipp Klaus in Tages-Anzeiger, 05.07.2019.


Eventisierung der Stadt.
Events have become a consistent feature of our everyday life. They are planned professionally, designed with clever scripting, and convey a sense of exclusivity. The event concept stands for a specific cross-over area be-tween economic usage contexts and popular practice dimensions. Set against this unclear notion, this book focuses on processes of urban development and the normative potential of patterns in event production and reception. On the one hand, urban development and event production are therefore seen as the drivers of exclusion processes. On the other hand, eventization is viewed as an interweaving of production and reception processes. We all take part more or less actively in eventization processes and usually also accept them willingly. The flip side of eventization and the inequalities that it causes, however, remain mostly invisible. Based on the example of Zurich, this book examines the question of how event cultures reorganize and link processes and practices of social self-understanding.

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